Stop taking time for granted

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Stop taking time for granted

I am average in every sense of the word. I do not see myself as all that special regardless of experience,knowledge or accomplishments or perceived accomplishments or success. This is how I see myself today and this view of myself has certainly changed over the years. Fact is I am an almost 42 year old guy that has lived allot and done many different things and had allot of experiences possibly even more than most people have the chance to do. I have met people from all walks of life that I can think of and managed to get along with them all. But as I sit typing this watching a documentary I realize something very important.


Everyday I get up I have my routine I do what I do and I go through my day thinking I have done the best for that day that I can. For those who know me and my past you will understand this for those of you who do not know me just go with it for a second. On any given day I have a thought of the things I have done good and bad, I think about life and it’s end. What will I truly leave as a legacy and in a flash the thought is gone and I am back to the chaos of the moment. I stop thinking about what was what is and what may be and I am swallowed by the current moment. And all the while I am TAKING TIME FOR GRANTED.

At almost 42 with a short list of physical ailments and still living life 100% functional albeit in constant pain I am now starting to think. I may 10 years I am may have 20 years I may have 30 years but I can tell you I do not have 40-50 years left and I sure as hell can not re-live the first 42. And yet I am daily TAKING TIME FOR GRANTED focusing on the things that just get me through the day so I can just get by. I have a feeling this is how many if not most of us live Here is the simple reality from day one on this earth we have only so many breaths only so many heart beats and those of us average or not have no right to waste the time we have if for no other reason than there are many many people whose lives are cut short for any number of reason and for those of us that have our health and sanity we have a responsibility to make things bigger and better to live to the fullest the time we have and to not waste it to not TAKE TIME FOR GRANTED. We need to make life better for ourselves and for others.

Take from someone that is still here and shouldn’t be Life is not as bad as you think it is but life is hard. Stop TAKING THE TIME YOU HAVE FOR GRANTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE THE MOST OF THE FINITE AMOUNT OF TIME WE HAVE!